What Is CC Stick Candy?

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CC stick candy is a cylindrical and long-shaped candy that comes in various flavors. This candy is usually 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter and four to seven inches long. There are some cases where CC stick candy is up to 14 inches in length and two inches in diameter.

This kind of candy has been in the US for a long time, and it is frequently marketed as 'old-fashioned' candy. Also, you can find them at general stores and the like, that specialize in nostalgic items, and online. The Cracker Barrel chain, for instance, sells a total length of 940 miles of this candy annually. Also, suggested distribution channels include supermarkets, concession stands, convenience stores, and shops around children's schools. 



The Consumption of CC Stick Candy

The CC stick candy may come in a single color, two different colors, a multi-color, and different flavors. Most of the time, this is hard candy. However, some of it is candy crushed into powder in a long, cylindrical container. 

Like all hard candy on the market, this candy slowly dissolves. If you suck CC stick candy, it lasts a long time. Otherwise, you can eat it quicker by crushing it with your teeth. 

This candy is sometimes used in other ways. For instance, you can crush and add it to frosting, pudding, or ice cream. You can also cut this candy into thin slices and use it as a cake topping. Another way to use it is to use it in other types of candy, like combining it with chocolate candy. 


Some Detailed Product Description of CC Stick Candy

As previously mentioned, CC stick candy comes  in various flavors, colors, etc. The following includes a table, consisting of some detailed product description of this type of candy and its variations: 

Candy Type

Hard Candy mostly,

and sometimes

like powder candy

Shelf Life

12 months

Storage Way

Avoid the sun and

keep in a dry

and a cool place. 

Customized Service

Available in some cases


Multicolor or single color

Packing Specification/Design

11 G, 30 Pieces, 12 Boxes; existing

pattern; customized

design and other 


Fruity and, in some

cases, coconut

and other flavors, such as

having chocolate

or fruit filling


The CC stick candy is made with the use of advanced process technology. Premium quality ingredients are also used in the advanced production process. The candy is then packaged according to the manufacturers' specifications. Also, the assorted fruit flavors may be apple, grape, strawberry, banana, lime, cherry, etc. Many of them are also great for vegetarians.  And as previously mentioned, there are some CC stick candies that have a coconut flavor.

The production process of this candy strictly complies with national safety standards and hygiene. Additionally, factors of the various selling prices of CC stick candy include smart vivid packaging design, quality ingredients, taxes, etc. 




Examples of CC Stick Candy

1. Chhota Bheem CC Choco Stick

The Chhota Bheem CC Choco Stick is made out of glucose syrup, sugar, and rich cocoa, and it is a Choco stick that is multi-colored. It also includes mixed fruit fillings. This candy is a light, rich, and creamy chocolate wafer stick.  Rich, light, crispy and creamy chocolate wafer sticks made with rich cocoa are ideal for ice cream and birthday cakes. It can be served along with hot and cold beverages.

2. Multicolor CC Stick Candy Assorted Fruit Flavor With Tattoo Halal Product

This candy is also made from superior quality ingredients in an advanced production process. Each bag has 30 pieces in each bag. Its assorted fruit flavors are apple, grape, strawberry, banana, etc. 

3. Strawberry Flavor Sour CC Stick Candy Powdered Fruity Flavor Sweets

This CC stick candy is powdered, strawberry flavored candy that has a sour and sweet taste. The candy is produced in a required GMP clean room. Other important aspects of this candy are also as follows: 

  • Central Air Conditioning System- uses central air conditioning to provide an automatic, thermostatic, and constantly clean, humid environment to ensure safety and high quality of candy. 
  • Abundant Nutrition- real and fresh raw materials to produce abundant nutrition of this candy.
  • Healthy Function- candy based on low energy production and manufacturing technology that bring healthy snack foods
  • Eco-friendly products- all packing and materials selected by high-level, green standard that complies with international requirements. 

4. HALAL Sour Long Powder Candy Fruit CC Stick Candy

This candy is powdered CC stick candy that has a sour and sweet, fruity taste. 


Final Conclusion

CC stick candy is a cylindrical and long-shaped candy that comes in various flavors. The CC stick candy may come in a single color, two different colors, a multi-color, and different flavors. Most of the time, this is hard candy. However, some of it is candy crushed into powder in a long, cylindrical container. CC stick candy has been around for a long time, and it will continue to be on the market. 


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