Automated Order Picking System

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A fully automatic delivery system used in e-commerce warehouses in various industries to automatically pick materials according to order requirements, Applicable products include bottled, bagged, boxed, etc. 

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We are seeing an evolution of increasingly simplified warehousing technologies and facilities as e-commerce grows around the world. The order fulfillment processes are being revolutionized by new warehouse management technologies and automation, which are increasing warehouse efficiency and diversifying logistics activities. In the e-commerce sector, the integration of robotics, autonomous warehouse components, and improved warehouse management systems (WMS) is offering organizations a stronger grasp on supply chain management. However, one common area for improvement is warehouse picking, which is an important part of a successful delivery process. 


Adding extra workers is a temporary solution while business is booming. Maintaining efficient operations is vital to a well-functioning warehouse as client demand grows. It is easy to avoid bottlenecks, ensure accurate orders, and meet customer expectations for shipping times if you use the right strategies. 


Your order selecting procedures are an important factor to consider. For small firms, simple approaches work well, but as your company grows, you'll need to think about more effective ways of storing, sorting, picking, and packing your warehouse goods. We are providing a fully automatic delivery system that picks goods according to order criteria in e-commerce warehouses across a variety of businesses. Bottled, bagged, boxed products and etc. are all acceptable. The product categories range from 10 to 50 and can be customized to meet specific requirements.


The system comprises a mainline and multiple sub-lines that move in a circular periodic motion. To gather products, a collecting hopper is inserted into the mainstream. The sub-line is used for product sorting and output, with the appropriate types and amounts of items being output to the collecting hopper following the order requirements.


It comes with the following features: 

  • The delivery system can create 8-15 orders every minute.
  • For order entry mode, remote access is available. 
  • Bottled, canned, and boxed products are acceptable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Cost is low.
  • Pliable system integration.
  • Pick errors are minimized. 

The workflow is as follows:




Application Bottled, bagged, boxed products and etc.
Throughput 8-15 orders /min
Price Range Start from USD100K

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