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D&R maltesers production line especially producing maltesers.With high quality,easy operation,working reliable,with high output.The whole plant include kitchen system,maltesers plant,starch conditioning system,starch collecting system,product finishing and ancillary machinery.

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Maltesers Production Line


Production capacity(kg/h) 1000(Depends on the shape of candy)
Power consumption(kw) 252(Depends on the machine type)
Steam consumption(kg/h) 1200kg/h
Steam pressure(mpa) 0.8
Compressed air consumption 7m3/min
Air pressure 0.8mpa
Vacuum water consumption(m3/min)
Machine weight(kg)



Material preparation

The full system including the gelatin dissolving, pectin dissolving tank and sugar mixing tank and dissolving tanks, with one control group.

D&R also offering the auto-weighing and dissolving system for instead the manual work, and give whole automation system.

Cooking system

We are use the tublar cooking system for the gelatin sugar syrup, the full system including coil cooker, vaccum chamber, vaccum system, and buffer tank, above tanks with one control group.

With automatic steam control valve, and automatic temperature controller, with pid system, with uncooked syrup recycle system and so on.

CFA system

After cooked the syrup, should send the syrup to the CFA tanks.

For adding the color, flavor, acid by manual. D&R offers auto CFA system also as the requirement of customers.
DRTH-303-II Maltesers production line

Tray feeder

The empty or with gummy candies and starch trays will be conveyed from the stacker to the track of tray feeder.The tray stacker(5pcs trays per stack) will be lifted to the tray feeder automatically and transited to the discharge area. The stack is first de-stacking in to groups of 5 trays which are then separated into single trays.

The de-stacking conveyor moves continuously to the first turning section.

Servo depositing system

The depositor controlled by the motion controller, operation is very easy, our machine is modular in design, so the customer can add the depositor accroding to the product requirement.

The standard configuration is one shot depositor, and one normal depositor(can make second layer).

Tray stacker

The trays are conveyed to the bottom of stacker section. Stacker mechianism stack the one trays one by one till to be 5pcs per stack.

Tray stackers will be lifted to loading frames, then to the output conveyors. Then to the drying room automatically or manually.

Empty loading frames will be sent to the tray stacker section.

Gummy finishing system

The finished candy will be sent inside machine and through a serial air blow mesh conveyor for separating the starch and finished candy. And the starch will be collected by dust collector for reuse.

At last, gummy candy will be sent the oil coating machine or sugar coating machine.
Turbo sugar coating machine
Power 380v 50hz
Main Motor 1.5kw
Dimension 1630x1590x1380mm
Weight 0.7t
Capability 1500kg/hour as per 2.5g candy
Turbo oil coating machine
Power 380v 50hz
Main Motor 1.5kw
Dimension 1630x1590x1380mm
Weight 0.7t
Capability 1500kg/hour as per 2.5g candy

Curing Room

The stack after depositing with products, then be sent into curing room for removing the moisture and parameter change of candy.

Curing room is key point of processing for gummy production . The system consists on rooms, machine, piping , automatic control and so on.

The drying room is to use the wheel dehumidifier unit and the temperature and humidity sensor to control the temperature and humidity in the studio.
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1.Q:Where are your company?

   A:D&R office is located at F12, Shanshan Plaza, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China.

      D&R factory is located at Xishanli Village, Qiantong Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo, China.


2.Q:Are you direct factory?

   A:We are both manufacturer and trading companiesno one knows more about our products than we do.We can provide the best quality equipment and the most affordable price, and according to your request, we can more quickly provide the corresponding service Scheme.Certainly,We welcome you to come visit our factory.


3.Q:What are your main products?

   A:All kinds of chocolate making machines, candy making machines,Swiss roll and layer cake production line, cadny bar production line and their packing machines.


4.Q:Do you have gurantee for your product?

   A:As a factory, no one knows more about our products than we do.We have a fairly strict standard for our products.Our products have CE certification and EAC certification.


5.Q:How can we contact you?

   A:Here is contact information:

      Contact company: Ningbo D & R Machinery Co., Ltd;

      Direction phone:+86 574 88304275; +86 18057458607

      Fax:+86-574 87839559


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