Chocolate Bar Production Line

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Automatic chocolate coated candy bar production line from D&R machinery is the most advanced production equipment for candy bars with chocolate enrobing.

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Automatic chocolate coated candy bar production line is the most advanced production equipment for candy bars with chocolate enrobing. All the process including kitchen system, candy bar forming and chocolate coating and decorating. It is one of the best combined production lines to enlarge the capacity and make varies kinds of bars with or without chocolate enrobing or decorating.


High-quality rollers designed to guarantee both precise forming and optimum cold transfer from the chiller to the product.


The outstanding performance of the cooling equipment and system used for subsequent drying of product layer(s).


Maximum efficiency and reliability and the option of varying cut dimensions, both in terms of length and width.





  • Modular machine that can be adapted for production of any product the market might require: nougat or caramel layers.
  • Wide range of product sizes.



Main Components:


  • Auto-weighing and dissolving system
  • Aerating cooker for nougat
  • Double "Z" blade mixer
  • Caramel cooker
  • Nougat layer roller
  • Caramel layer roller
  • Nuts sprinkler
  • Single pressing roller
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Slitter and ropes separating conveyors
  • Guillotine(Cross cutting)
  • Enrober and cooling tunnel
  • Automatic aligner and servo driven flow wrapping machine



Technical Data:


  1. Width of nuts/granola slab: 600-610mm,width of conveyor belt for forming line is 700mm , the width of U-shape conveyor and the chocolate enrobing line is 1000mm.
  2. Capacity: 600kgs/hour (Suppose the weight of product is 10g)
  3. Total power: about 250KW.
  4. The frames, covers and other parts which can be stainless will be ss304 or ss202 (except the standard parts, some frames or parts which couldn’t be ss304 or ss202)
  5. SEW, Siemens or Chinese famous brands motors.
  6. Most electric components are Siemens, Omron or Schneider.



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