Hard Candy Moulds: Best Buying Guide

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If you are thinking of opening a business of molds, then you have to decide first, will it be hard candy molds or chocolate candy molds. Because both are a lot different from each other. And importantly, if you are facing difficulties deciding upon which type of molds, you are at the right place. This article will be your complete guide and help you decide upon the type of mold you would prefer for your business. So, let us get started.



Types of hard candy molds


Hardy candy molds are not that flexible. The designs often made out of whiteish opaque plastic material are known as hard candy. There are many hard candy molds, but some of the common types are mentioned below.


  • Silicon molds

    One of the versatile types of molds found these days is silicon molds. It is helpful in different applications because of its flexibility and long-lasting durability.


  • White plastic molds

    White plastic molds can be used even when the temperature is above 350°F. Thus, these types of molds are ideal for use in hard candy or ovens.


  • Polycarbonate molds

    The designs that are made from polycarbonate are called polycarbonate molds. These polycarbonates are made from sturdy thermoplastic. Polycarbonate molds are the finest of all molds and therefore help in bringing up the detailed design to build hard candy. The experts generally use polycarbonate molds with the expectation of professional results. It also improves the candy making procedure.


  • Aluminum molds

    If you want to use aluminium molds, it is beneficial. It yields impressive results and has excellent durability. Therefore, your investment in aluminium molds will be worth it.


The types as mentioned above of hard candy molds are available in different shapes. You can get it as per your preferred designs and sizes. You will even be able to get customized pieces of hard candy molds.




What is the difference between chocolate molds and hard candy molds?


First and foremost, the fundamental difference between chocolate molds and hard candy molds is that hard candy molds can be made from chocolate molds, but the reverse part; is that chocolate molds from hard candy molds are something impossible. Let us get into the other differences that lie between hard candy molds and chocolate molds.


The primary material from which a hard candy mold is made is opaque white material be it plastic or metallic. But it is a bit less flexible. It has the capacity of resisting heat better even up to and above 350°F. It can withstand hot liquid because of its extreme heat resisting capacity.


If we now talk about the chocolate candy molds, then chocolate candy molds are flexible to some extent but are made from a relatively softer and more explicit plastic material. One plus point for chocolate molds is that they can be made from chocolate-making machines themselves. But unfortunately, the most significant disadvantage for chocolate mold lies here- it can withstand temperature up to a definite level. And also, these are translucent.


Previously as shown in the article, hard candy molds will be available in different shapes and sizes, which brings us to our next point- are hard candy molds available in standard size?


Are hard candy molds available in standard size?


The answer to this question, whether the hard candy molds are available in standard size or not, the specific straight answer to this question is no. There is no specific or standard size of hard candy molds. So, then how is the size determined of a special hard candy? The size is measured depending on the dimensions of the ultimate hard candy that has been produced.


Apart from it, if you order hard candy molds, you can get them customized in different shapes and sizes according to your choice or preference.


But one thing, the thickness of hard candy molds remains the same mostly. It varies from 3mm to 8mm.




Process of making hard candy molds


This article will take you through a brief guide to making hard candy molds' initial or primary process. Keep reading:


  • Firstly, you need to spray your preferred choice of hard candy molds, and then, using a cooking spray, do the inside part of the candy funnel. This part is known as the preparation part. This is done before you will use it.
  • Now separate the batches of hard candy according to your preferred choice of color, recipe or flavor. This will help you create unique batches of candy.
  • When the funnel is ready, the hot candy syrup needs to be poured. Make sure that the funnel has a stopper. This will cover the hole.
  • In the next step, don't just forget about the mold cavities which have already been kept aside and sprayed. So, you have to lift the stopper to allow a decent amount of syrup to flow from over them.


Remember, if you are making hard candy lollipops, the stick needs to be placed immediately, right before the hot syrup has started.


  • In the next step, remember, this is the most crucial step, where you have to allow the syrup to set and cool down to the temperature of the room, not just by refrigerating it.
  • Now, after the syrup gets set down and you realize the card has already hardened, it's time to release the candy from the mold.


This is not a complex method, just a simple, easy method.


Know about the quality standards for hard candy molds


  • FDA

    The Food and Drug Ad-ministration is Abbreviated as FDA. This is responsible for the safeguarding of public health. It is up to the FDA to check for the products' healthy, safety, and other efficacy requirements. This even includes the candy hard molds. If the FDA ensures all the three qualifications, then the product is good to go; it may cross the American borders, thereby having enforcement on the significant production and high-quality production of the food.


  • cGMP

    Current Good Manufacturing Practices is abbreviated as cGMP. This agency ensures compliance with the guidelines that different companies are issuing. Among these agencies, the majority are responsible for the certification and authorization related to the manufacturing of the products. Although, the selling part cannot be overlooked altogether, which also comes under their jurisdiction. And this jurisdiction also includes the hard candy molds. The sole aim and purpose of cGMP are to ensure the products' safety and quality, inclusive of the hard candy molds.


  • SGS

    SGS is one of the agencies responsible for the standardization of different types of components. Verifying and testing are the sole duty that comes under the jurisdiction of SGS. The agency performs the task of inspection. But they don't leave out the hard candy molds. They are a part of this inspection too. Their primary value function is to ensure the quality standards of the products, which must be satisfactory.


Many such agencies are responsible for ensuring the safety of the products. And leaving all these apart, hoping that this article will ensure a safeguard and a guide to your future business. Give it a thorough read, know more about it and then proceed with the decision of your business.


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