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D&R mogul line is an advanced and full automatic production line for gummy candies. High quality, easy operation, stable run and high output. The whole line includes kitchen system, mogul line, starch conditioning system, starch collecting and recycle system, product finishing and ancillary system. Whatever your production requirements are, D&R will give the best solution.

Type: The plant suits for producing gelatin base candies, pectin based candies, foamed candies, marshmallow and fudge etc.


1. Full automatic, keep recipe safe, ensure the high quality of products, and save labor costs.

2. Stable run and large capacity.

3. Servo driven depositing system, suitable for single& double color gummy, multi-layer gummy and center filling gummy etc.

4. No brush design and strong magnetic filter, ensure the safety of products.


1. How do you mass produce gummy candy

Small quantity gummy can be done by home made, but if bulk production should use full automatic starch mogul line for producing the gummies. Material be prepared and dissolved automatically by machine, cooked to required temperature and brix, then depositing into the required shape cavities of starch moulds, then send into curing room waiting for required time till to right brix, send back to mogul for cleaning the starch, coating by oil or sugar.

2. How to make aerated products on starch mogul line(gummy making machine)?

Gelatin solution send to D&R automatic aeration machine, then depositing by starch mogul line (gummy making machine). Like Aerated Banana, Double layer products.   

3. How are gummies manufactured

1. Dissolve gelatin and other ingredients into syrup for use.

2. Then send to D&R full automatic weighing and dissolving system automatically which controlled by PLC.

3. Send to D&R automatic cooking system and heating to required temperature.

4. Comcentration by automatic vacumming system to right brix.

5. Cookered sugar slurry be sent to D&R automatic color, flavour, acid dosing and mixing system for mixing with required color and flavour and waiting for depositing.

6. Ready material send into the hopper of D&R starch mogul line (gummy making machine) automatically, depositing into the starch cavities, full machine working automatically.

7. Send to curing room for drying.

8. Send back to D&R starch mogul line (gummy making machine ) cleaning the starch, coating by oil or sugar .

9. Packing into required box or bag for selling.


4. What are gummy products made from

Gummy mainly is made by gelatin, pectin, glucose, sugar and other ingredients.


5. How do you make gummies that don't melt

If gummy only adding gelatin easy to melting, the melting temperature at 32-35 degrees. If the hot season, add modify starch or pectin for keeping the hot resistance, the melting temperature at 40-45 degrees.

6. How are different types of gelatin used in the production of gummy

Fish gelatin, normally use TILAPIA skin or scale, it use for JEWISH market. For normal market, fish gelatin for phamarcy and comestic beef gelatin, normally use for halal gummy, also use for normal gummy.

Pig gelatin, mainly use for Eastern Asian market, like CHINA, KOREA, JAPAN and EUROPEAN MARKET,  also use for pharmacy and comestic market .


7. Can vegetable glue be used in gummy production

Yes, like carrangeenan, pectin, agar, arabic gum widely use for gummy production, also suitable for vegetarian products and health products.


8. How is taste difference of gummy in difference market ?

Different consumption habit makes the different taste of markets. There are 2 big difference gummies in the market .

1. Eastern asian market , people likes more soft gummy , so it should putting less gelatin .

2. Middle east, European market, North American people likes hard and more biteable products, so it should putting more gelatin .


Production capacity







850kg/h, 7-8 bar

Air pressure


Comressed air consumption


Vacuun water consumption


4 Degree cooling flux






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