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DR Machinery & Nutrasis-New starch mogul project for future

TIME: Sepetember .2021 | D&R machinery

According to Nielsen's survey data, the global confectionery food market has reached 93 billion US dollars in market value. The status of confectionery food is becoming more and more important. Health has almost become the standard. In addition to health, taste is still king. The emerging millennials have higher requirements for confectionery machinery, not only for nutritional and functional properties, but also for their taste.

Jelly gummy candy is a more popular product, but with the enhancement of people's health concepts, the Jelly gummy candy industry has suffered a major impact. After generations of inheritance and innovation of starch mogul technology, Jelly gummy candy have evolved into a rich variety of sub-categories with various shapes and various flavors. For example, Haribo bears are loved by people all over the world. In addition to shapes and flavors, nutritional supplement jelly gummy candies are also popular among consumers. But  ,Where is the next product innovation direction for the enduring jelly gummy candy that has developed so far?

Overseas Influence

In the eyes of consumers, the exotic customs are very mysterious, which makes people yearn for, and the integration of exotic experiences into the jelly gummy candy can allow people to taste the flavors from different regions, bringing consumers a novel experience.

Plant-inspired goodness

In recent years, people who pursue health are looking for various ways to meet their needs, and plant-based has become a hot direction, green, natural, and innocent. Plants give consumers a good impression, and soft candies can also use plant-based power to obtain new growth points. With the automatic CFA system on the starch mogul system, The addition of various plant-based elements can be perfectly achieved.

The indulgence element

While pursuing health, consumers' indulgence demand for jelly gummy candy has never diminished. The taste and indulgence they pursued, adding these attributes to the jelly gummy candy can also make people sink. With the innovation and development of the starch mold mechanism on starch mogul, various new fun candies have also developed rapidly


At present, D&R Machinery is cooperating with Nutrasis group to provide the factory with the newly developed starch mogul production line DRTH-606-II, which is newly developed by D&R Machinery.

Through our laboratory’s experimental starch mogul production machine, based on the concept of health and future development trends, the jelly gummy candy formula and starch mold production process are tested and improved, and we strive to create a healthy soft candy in the future.



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