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How did the ordinary maltesers achieve an annual output value of 40 million dollars?

TIME: Jan 26, 2021 | D & R Machinery

As a childhood memory of children born in the 80s and 90s, Maltesers is almost a god-like existence: as long as there is a martial arts drama, Maltesers is always indispensable, either as a "magic elixir", or as a “Poison pill” to end the life of big boss.


In the past two years, the ordinary chocolate has once again set off a consumption boom and has become the new favorite of consumers. This has also allowed a number of confectionery companies to increase the production of maltesers, and many snack food companies have also begun to plan the projects of maltesers.


Helping "Golden Monkey" the Explosive Output of Maltesers


In 2020, Golden Monkey Foods has created a barreled Maltesers that is favored by consumers, which once became a phenomenal single product in the industry, leading the industry trend. It is understood that in order to ensure the output and quality of Maltesers, Golden Monkey reached a cooperation with Ningbo D&R Tianhui Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " D&R Machinery") in early 2020 and used the company's top equipment to manufacture Maltesers. Good machinery makes good products. Under the cooperation of the two strong companies, Golden Monkey Maltesers has won unanimous praise from consumers, and the market has performed outstandingly.

"For an enterprise, production equipment occupies a pivotal position in the production process. To keep up with the market trend and meet consumer demand, high-quality production equipment is essential. As a domestically well-known mechanical equipment Manufacturer, for many years, D&R Machinery has maintained close cooperation with many well-known food companies.” China Candy Huang Zhiyong said.

According to the data, as a provider of excellent solutions for the global snack food industry, D&R Machinery integrates R&D, production and experimentation, focusing on candy, chocolate and baking, and aims to develop international-level Snack food production lines for customers at home and abroad.  At present, after years of development, D&R Machinery has sold its self-developed and manufactured machinery and equipment to more than a dozen countries and regions overseas, and it also has a high brand awareness and market position in the international food machinery industry.     


"With the rise of emerging consumer groups, people have higher requirements for the quality and safety of Malteserss. This has also led a number of companies to put forward new demands on Malteserss equipment, that is to ensure the quantity, but also the quality. D&R Machinery has developed a Maltesers automatic production line to meet customer demands. This equipment has also attracted the attention of many food companies." said Ge Hongyu, head of D&R Machinery.


Fully Automatic Production, High Quality and High Output

In fact, in the early years of the Maltesers assembly line, due to technical limitations, most of the processes still require manual operations. D&R Machinery took the lead in breaking through the technical problems and innovated and developed the automatic Maltesers production line, replacing manual operations and ensuring the quality of Maltesers, also greatly improving production efficiency.

In this regard, Ge Hongyu said: "Compared to the previous semi-manual Maltesers line, the fully automatic Maltesers production line built by D&R Machinery has a capacity of more than 30 tons of Maltesers per shift, greatly increasing production capacity and providing sufficient supply for the market. In addition, this set of equipment also reduced the original need of 20 people to 3 people. The degree of automation is improved, which greatly reduces the labor cost of the enterprise. This is what we can do for the Maltesers industry as an machinery company."

This is a simple and efficient production line. D&R Machinery is using its strength to solve the problem of low uniformity of Maltesers, helping the Maltesers industry to leap to a new level.


Professional Customization, Quality Service

At present, thanks to this integrated and automated equipment, D&R Machinery is well received by many manufacturers, and many food companies are actively discussing cooperation matters with D&R Machinery. In view of the current market, D&R Machinery has always been in the leading position in the field of Maltesers automatic production lines, and in addition to the automation level of machinery and equipment, the quality services provided by D&R Machinery are also remarkable.


Speaking of this, Ge Hongyu said: “D&R Machinery will do a good job of pre-sales service at the beginning of cooperation with customers. After fully communicating with customers, we will customize the best solution for customers according to the requirements of the manufacturer and make every effort to develop a production line of international level for all customers. This customized service also allows us to get the full support of our partners."


"Equipment is a part of the entire food production. D&R Machinery focuses on helping customers solve the problems of all aspects of the entire production process, controlling the problem points in the pre-sales solution stage, rather than leaving them to the production stage, effectively reducing customer production Cost. I think there is no future if only selling products and not providing services. D&R Machinery will continue to provide customers with all-round and better services, and sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to come to discuss cooperation." Ge Hongyu added.


Continuous innovation in technology and craftsmanship, strict implementation of high standards of equipment quality, the current D&R Machinery is well-known, but it is not arrogant or impetuous, and always moves forward silently. In the future, D&R Machinery will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services. Such a company has a promising future!




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