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Type: The chocolate chip depositing machine can produce smallest 0.098g chocolate chips and big chocolate drops. The depositor can be pneumatic or servo motors. There is a cooling tunnel to cool down chocolate chips. The width of the conveyor belt can be from 600mm to 1200mm.

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The machine is for depositing chocolate chips.


The frame is ss304, insulation plates and hopper are ss304. The conveyor belt is PU.


It is controlled by Siemens PLC with touch screen(or Wienview). The other electric components are Siemens,Schneider or Omron brand(company in China).


Main motor and gearbox is SEW brand.(company in China). Other motors except servo motors are Chinese famous brands.


There are two Alu. Alloy distributing plates, one for producing big chocolate drops and another one for produce small chocolate chips.


There are cylinders(SMC or Festo or Airtac) to control the PU to make sure it will move straight.


The length of cooling tunnel is 15 meters.


The compressors of chillers is Copeland brand, there are 3pcs 5HP air-cooled or water-cooled chillers.


The depositor is driven by Siemens servo motors.


It can make 798pcs Dia.10mm chocolate chips each stroke.



Technical data:

Width of conveyor belt 800mm
Speed 12~18 times/minute
Size of machine 17000*1250*1600mm
Length of cooling tunnel 15m


Full Pack 6 , 8 or 10 pieces
width/ piece 10-12' width/ piece'
Power 45kW
Weight of machine 2500kg
Cooling temperature 0-10℃

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