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Commercial Jelly Candy Depositor Making Machine main produce 2D、3 D candy,compound carrageenan,pectin and gelatin candy.


This line includes one servo motor for depositing and one servo motor for pushing mould.It can produce single color soft candy.

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Jelly Candy Mini Depositing Mahine
Production Capacity
50kg/h~150kg/h(Depends on the shape of candy)

  5-10KW(Depends on the machine type)

Steam Consumption
Compressed Air 0.5Mpa
250 m3/h
4 Degree Cooling Flux
315kg/min(no this item if cooling by air or water)




Jelly Candy Mini Depositing Machine


This model is a standard model with the most powerful function.

- It can produce single color soft candy .

- It is controlled by a touch screen,you can select push mould depositing at once for two 2D mould or one 3D mould.

- With one hopper, the depositing copper sleeve is 22x1.5,and the depositing piston is optional 8mm-16mm. 

Universal push mold guide make the 2D mould, 3D mould, silicon mould universal (3D mould must add nylon fixed size block). 

The center distance of the 2D candy mould is 28.6, the mould is 20 holes in two rows and deposit 10 holes in one row at a time.Push one mould twice to complete 2 times depositing

The center distance of the 3D lollipop mould is 28.6, the mould is 8 holes in one row and push one mould once to complete depositing (the two pistons at both ends of the hopper are not used). 

- The electrical control is customized,you can switch the two voltages according to your requirements.




D&R Machinery are professional confectionery machine manufacturers with over 20 years in the business operating at the highest industry standards.
We've built a reputation on engineering, designing and delivering high performance total-solution confectionery machinery to clients with absolute precision around the world.

The confectionery machinery industry is a small world, and we've slowly become leaders in innovation and creative solutions for clients from all walks of the industry. D&R Machinery has become synonymous with one word and one world only in the confectionery machinery world and that is 'total-solution', that is end to to end turn key production of the highest quality confectionery machinery in the world.

Becoming the D&R Machinery you see today starts and ends with the word 'care'. You don't become the best without a plan that ensures our clients achieve the success they desire, and at D&R Machinery it starts with care and ends with trust, reliability and innovation.







D&R Advantages

* Technical advantages, industry-leading technical team, founding team of Chinese starch mogul and young generation of highly educated bilingual engineers.

* Modern service concept, provide customers with laboratory services for formula R&D, product & market analysis and planning, and control the risk before the product is put on the market.

* Rich industry experience, fully communicate with customers in the pre-sales service at the initial stage of the scheme, and customize the best scheme suitable for customers in combination with rich experience in international plant construction.

* For fine manufacturing, international famous brand spare parts are selected, and high-quality suppliers are selected by using the global spare parts. The purchased machined parts shall be subject to two inspections: delivery and warehousing, and shall be marked and warehoused after passing the inspection.

* The whole process of nanny service, we always keeps close communication with customers in the whole project service before, during and after sales, and provides professional suggestions for relevant supporting facilities from the overall perspective of the project.

1.D&R Machinery With Many Years Experience 
2.High Technology team
3.Giving The Whole Project Solution
4. Consulting For Candies, Gummy, Chocolate And Its Packing
5.Always Giving The Economic Machine
6.Better Quality, Better Service After Sales For All Of The Customer








1.Q:Where are your company?

A:The company is located at F12, Shanshan Plaza, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China.


2.Q:Are you direct factory?

A:We are both manufacturer and technical trading companyWe are professional confectionery machine manufacturers with over 20 years in the business operating at the highest industry standards. We've built a reputation on engineering, designing and delivering high-performance total-solution confectionery machinery to clients with absolute precision around the world. Certainly,we welcome you to come visit our factory.


3.Q:What are your main products?

A:All kinds of Chocolate making machines, Candy making machines,Swiss roll and layer cake production line, Cadny bar production line and Packing machines.


4.Q:Do you have gurantee for your product?

A:We have a full quality control system.Every hardware part must be checked by the quality inspector before the products enter to the warehouse.Our electric elements are all famous brands, most of them are imported. When each machine is finished, we will invite customers to test and run the machine in our factory to ensure the high quality of our machines. Besides, we have CE, and SGS certification.


5.Q:How can we contact you?

A:Here is contact information:
Contact company: Ningbo D & R Machinery Co., Ltd
Direction phone:+86 574 88304275
Fax:+86-574 87839559


Candy Type 2D,3D Candy,Pectin Candy,Center Filling Candy...
Transport Package Wooden Case
HS Code 843830000
Material SS304
Capacity 50kg/H~150kg/H
Weight 350 Kg
Power 5-10 Kw

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