Gummy Candy with Lutein

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We are confectionary machinery manufacturer.Providing OEM gummy candy service.We are committed to bringing the best gummy candy to the world.And we also care about people's physical and mental health.



Now many people because of staying up late, lack of exercise, too much pressure and other reasons, resulting in weakened immunity, poor health.Our healthy candy can help people to supplement the necessary elements, improve immunity.



We know sometimes a smile is not necessarily happy, but a smile with candy always be sweet.So eat the sweet candy foget all the troubles.It is another sweet day.

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Gummy Candy with Lutein

Modern people use a lot of eyes, work in front of the computer for a long time, and often play with mobile phones, the eyes are vulnerable to the blue light emitted by computers and mobile phones, easy to appear symptoms of eye fatigue, need to supplement more nutrition such as lutein, to relieve eye fatigue, protect eye health.


Our gummy candy with lutein is designed to replenish the eye with lutein. Candy added natural lutein, to the eyes to supplement rich nutrition, absorption is good, can be very good to protect the eyes, improve eyesight.
Product Gummy candy with Lutein
Color Multicolor
Flavor Fruity
Material Gelatin/Pectin/Carrageenan
Service OEM
Package Customized
Certification HACCP,ISO,QS
Shape Cartoon
Healthy candy


Our Service

We have a variety of flavors and shapes for your choice.


Our Advantages

1.We can customize any candy according to your needs.

Customized shapes: We can design candies of any shape according to your needs.

Customized recipe: We can add natural ingredients and probiotics and other additives to candies according to your needs.

Customized flavor: We can produce all kinds of flavors of candies according to your needs.

Customized package: We can design and provide packaging for you according to your needs.

2.We are confectionary machinery manufacture.Providing OEM gummy candy service.Bringing the best gummy candy to the world.
We have our own production workshop, production safety standards, clean health.
3.We have a professional technical team, control the production link.
4.We have a laboratory where the candies are tested and samples are sent to customers to test the market.
1.Q:Can we have the sample?Can you make the samples according to my own specifications?
A:Yes,the standards samples are free,and we can also make it as you request ,but you need to pay for the freight cost.
2.Q:What can I do if I can't provide such detail specifications?
AWe will make a price for your reference which based on our experience.

3.Q:What is the MOQ?
A:Cenerally 1000 kg per item.
4.Q:What is your payment terms?
A:T/T 30% donwn payment, balance payment before shipping.This can be negotiable.

5.Q:Can you procide OEM service?
A:Yes we can. We can provide complete and competitve product solution for you.

6.Q:How can we contact you?


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