Digital Chocolate Melting Machine

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Automatic temperature control function,After temperature setting, it can automatically be heat and keep warm. 




One-button power switch and pin plug socket are more convenient for different anti-plug voltages. 




Two color lights as an indicator to let you know whether the heating / insulation is normal. 




One drain and steam valve on the side of the machine, which can be opened or closed at any time when necessary, which is convenient for draining and cleaning.

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Digital Chocolate Melting Machine

voltage 220-240V
heating power 1.5KW
material quality All stainless steel
divided food plate(big pan) 350*325*100mm
divided food plate(middle pan) 325*175*100mm(*1)
divided food plate(small pan) 175*163*100mm(*4)
Inner case size 515*310*130mm
Mechanical size 650*360*180mm
Packing Size 710*420*230mm(0.07)
net weight 10KG
gross weight 13KG


1.Q:Where are your company?

   A:D&R office is located at F12, Shanshan Plaza, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China.

      D&R factory is located at Xishanli Village, Qiantong Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo, China.


2.Q:Are you direct factory?

   A:We are both manufacturer and trading companiesno one knows more about our products than we do.We can provide the best quality equipment and the most affordable price, and according to your request, we can more quickly provide the corresponding service Scheme.Certainly,We welcome you to come visit our factory.


3.Q:What are your main products?

   A:All kinds of chocolate making machines, candy making machines,Swiss roll and layer cake production line, cadny bar production line and their packing machines.


4.Q:Do you have gurantee for your product?

   A:As a factory, no one knows more about our products than we do.We have a fairly strict standard for our products.Our products have CE certification and EAC certification.


5.Q:How can we contact you?

   A:Here is contact information:

      Contact company: Ningbo D & R Machinery Co., Ltd;

      Direction phone:+86 574 88304275; +86 18057458607

      Fax:+86-574 87839559



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