Chocolate Spinning Machine

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Chocolate Hollow Spinning Machine equipped with special hollow PC moulds is the special equipment for the production of hollow chocolate products. 

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Chocolate Spinning Machine

Chocolate Hollow Spinning Machine equipped with special hollow PC moulds is the special equipment for the production of hollow chocolate products. It is designed on the theory of eccentricity by the means of revolution and rotation. The hollow chocolate product is finished forming under the spinning state. The lovely, novel and solid shape of the hollow chocolate product presents high quality of art work and the dense economy attachment.

This machine, equipped with hollow PC moulds of uniquely designed magnetism localizer is convenient in molding and de-molding. It is composed of recycling and convecting ventilator in order to assure the cooling effect of the hollow chocolate product. Based on the different weight and shape of the hollow chocolate, we adopt the variable frequency electricity system to control the producing speed by non-step speeder, and equipped with vibrator for the super quality.

To meet the different demands from varied markets, you could choose the chocolate depositing machine, which could produce filling chocolate, solid chocolate, nuts chocolate and pure milk chocolate. This is the novel and ideal chocolate machine for the medium and petty food industries.


Power ≈1KW
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50HZ
Standard moulds (275mmx185mm)x2 or others moulds with ginges.
Capacity (8 mould/6 min~10min)x2
Speed ≦20 spinning/min(non-step speeder)
Dimension ≈900x700x1200mm
Weight ≈640KG
Delivery time 70-80days


D&R Machinery are professional confectionery machine manufacturers with over 20 years in the business operating at the highest industry standards.
We've built a reputation on engineering, designing and delivering high performance total-solution confectionery machinery to clients with absolute precision around the world.

The confectionery machinery industry is a small world, and we've slowly become leaders in innovation and creative solutions for clients from all walks of the industry. D&R Machinery has become synonymous with one word and one world only in the confectionery machinery world and that is 'total-solution', that is end to to end turn key production of the highest quality confectionery machinery in the world.

Becoming the D&R Machinery you see today starts and ends with the word 'care'. You don't become the best without a plan that ensures our clients achieve the success they desire, and at D&R Machinery it starts with care and ends with trust, reliability and innovation.

1.Q:Where are your company?

   A:D&R office is located at F12, Shanshan Plaza, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China.

      D&R factory is located at Xishanli Village, Qiantong Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo, China.


2.Q:Are you direct factory?

   A:We are both manufacturer and trading companiesno one knows more about our products than we do.We can provide the best quality equipment and the most affordable price, and according to your request, we can more quickly provide the corresponding service Scheme.Certainly,We welcome you to come visit our factory.


3.Q:What are your main products?

   A:All kinds of chocolate making machines, candy making machines,Swiss roll and layer cake production line, cadny bar production line and their packing machines.


4.Q:Do you have gurantee for your product?

   A:As a factory, no one knows more about our products than we do.We have a fairly strict standard for our products.Our products have CE certification and EAC certification.


5.Q:How can we contact you?

   A:Here is contact information:

      Contact company: Ningbo D & R Machinery Co., Ltd;

      Direction phone:+86 574 88304275; +86 18057458607

      Fax:+86-574 87839559


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