D&R Machinery’s Team Went Abroad

2022-12-14 | News

Successfully going abroad for the first time

With the gradual stabilization of COVID-19 epidemic in foreign countries, the basic liberalization of control policies and the development of overall environmental safety, our company gradually started and resumed the process of engineering project teams,sales teams going abroad to carry out related work.


The first team of engineers has successfully gone abroad in November 2022. We always adhere to the core values of "right self altruism, continuous improvement", improve customer satisfaction with first-class professional level and high-quality and efficient service,take the lead, overcome difficulties, solve problems for customers and make things better.

Team logistics support

At the same time, the company's logistics support team, As the strong backing of the vanguard, the company's logistics support team has done enough work to ensure the safety of engineers. Detailed instructions on precautions for epidemic prevention were given, and necessary protective materials were fully prepared.


The logistics team of the company always cares for the engineer team, helps them to make system planning and node tracking, and arranges the itinerary to ensure that the engineer team can go abroad more worry-free and smoothly. Even in foreign countries, we can carry out efficient service work with no distractions.

Going abroad in an all-round way
After the first team successfully went abroad to work, D&R Machinery is actively preparing for the follow-up team's overseas work arrangement. With adequate planning, the impact of foreign epidemics is no longer difficult. In the face of the complicated international situation and the global economic recession, D&R Machinery will go abroad, open up new international markets, build up foreign markets,focus on customers and quality, and strive to become the global leading brand of snack food factory solutions.





OFFICE:  D&R office is located at F12, Shanshan Plaza, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China.

FACTORY:  D&R factory is located at Xishanli Village, Qiantong Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo, China.



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