Chocolate Panning Machine: Best Buying Guide

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Chocolate panning machines are primarily used in the confectionery industry for a variety of edible products. The machine coats nuts, fruits, and other foods with chocolate using an electromechanical mechanism. It creates a film around a food product by spinning drums in order to create an aqueous or organic coating. In the design of a typical chocolate panning machine, a number of features improve its overall efficiency and reliability.



Types of a Chocolate Panning Machine

The chocolate panning machine is available in various dimensions, styles, capacities and designs. The following are some of the most popular versions of this product that are available in the market:

Standard Chocolate Panning Machine

It is undoubtedly the most popular variant of the chocolate panning machine in the market. Due to its large diameter coating pan, it is sometimes known as a traditional chocolate panning machine. This machine's coating method allows warm air to be supplied by the intake air supply and exhausted via air ducts. A standard chocolate panning machine uses the sprays or spooning technique to coat items.

Perforated Chocolate Panning Machine

It is also a common market variation that consists of a partially or entirely perforated drum spinning horizontally on its axis. This is achieved by using sealed containers to maintain the entire system.


Components of a Chocolate Panning Machine

The following are the major elements of chocolate panning equipment:

Drum / Hopper

This part can be called a drum or hopper of the chocolate panning machine. A drum is used to deliver the chocolate materials into the machine for panning.

Melting Tank

This section of the chocolate panning machine is ideal for heating and blending various chocolate ingredients at a fixed or uniform temperature.


This component of the chocolate panning machine is used to polish the items by dispersing the chocolate ingredient uniformly.


This component of the chocolate panning machine increases air velocity allowing for more air to be used for cooling, ventilating and aspirating items.

Tempering Machine

It is an electronic mixing and heating component that assists in the quick and efficient transfer of liquid chocolate for the coating. It is also involved in the function of defrosting frozen items.

Control Unit

There are a number of buttons and a touchscreen available on this part of the chocolate panning machine for controlling various aspects of the chocolate panning process.

Mill Unit

A mill of chocolate panning machines is sort of a grinder which is used for mixing various materials that work on the impact and attrition method. This component also involves the size drop of the item.


A motor is a component in a chocolate panning machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy.


Sensors of the chocolate panning machine send signals to the electrical computing unit in order to trigger the appropriate reaction.

Molding Unit

This unit of the chocolate panning machine is used to feed liquid chocolate ingredients into the appropriately designed molds.

Intake Manifold

This is a component of the chocolate panning machine that manages the transportation of chocolate ingredients from the drum to the other parts of the machine.


The chocolate panning machine's thermostat automatically and quickly adjusts the processing temperature, depending on the conditions.

Chilling Unit

This part of the chocolate panning machine enhances the speed, solidification, ease of cooling and appropriateness of chocolate components in the confectionary.


This is the support system of the chocolate panning machine. It provides equipment stability during the manufacturing process.



Chocolate Panning Machine Features

A chocolate panning machine has many specialized and systematic features depending on the model. Although, it is essential to understand some of its key aspects, which include the following:

  • The chocolate panning machine has a unique spherical mounting system.
  • Its product processing in the tray is facilitated by a moveable and detachable silicon cooling air nozzle.
  • The chocolate panning machine has an integrated high-performance fan with a duct that feeds filtered air into a sphere.
  • It has easy-to-remove components that make service and cleaning activities a breeze.
  • The compact size of the chocolate panning machine simplifies transportation, especially when it comes to moving it from one place to another.
  • It has a touchscreen LCD/LED display and a control panel for the digital PLC.
  • It is made up of a stainless steel framework which is durable.
  • The chocolate panning machine has the compatibility with current and new lines
  • The chocolate panning machine has a temperature control panel for managing heat and other performance factors for ingredients.
  • It is versatile and may be used in a variety of applications.


Benefits of Using a Chocolate Panning Machine

This machine offers several benefits, whether for small-scale or large manufacturing.

The following are some of the primary benefits:

  • The machine performs a variety of automated tasks. It has an interface designed for effective controlling of a multitude of parameters.
  • Wide variety of technical parameters and integrated auxiliary for a smooth and stable manufacturing process.
  • Provides reliable and efficient solutions for food panning that minimize interruptions and increase productivity.
  • The in-built CIP system makes cleaning simple and minimizes downtime.
  • The chocolate panning machine reduces total running expenses as it manages different aspects of the planning operation.
  • A robust stainless steel frame structure provides exceptional durability.


Cost of a Chocolate Panning Machine

The real cost of a typical chocolate panning machine is determined by a number of variables.

It is important to keep in mind that the amount of automation and any additional features have an influence on the final pricing. A typical machine with basic automated capabilities may be found at a reasonable price. However, A premium unit with advanced technology is comparatively costly. Another key aspect determining the machine's price is the company that manufactures it.

Popular brands are typically more expensive. Besides that, customized units are more costly than standard ones. However, a chocolate panning machine with elementary functions may be found in between the price range of $1100 and $5200 US Dollars. A reasonable starting price for premium and advanced equipment is around $16,000 US Dollars or higher.

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