D&R Machinery has warmth,and employees have strength

2023-01-05 | News

2022 is an ordinary and special year. Despite the epidemic and other difficulties, D&R Machinery's business still keeps growing.We are very grateful to all partners for their trust and support to D&R Machinery!

At present.the epidemic prevention and control work has entered a new stage, and the society has ushered in the first peak of infection.D&R Machinery's friends have made concerted efforts to keep an optimistic and positive attitude, to cope with the peak of infection that has already arrived,and to try their best to extend the peak,effectively reduce the peak and cross the peak smoothly.




01. D&R Machinery is concerned about employee health


The epidemic situation is merciless, and at this special moment,the leadership of D&R Machinery always cares about the health of employees, actively takes timely and effective prevention and control measures, and prepares epidemic prevention materials at the first time to ensure the life safety and health of colleagues. Under the warmth of the company's concern, the colleagues who are struggling in their jobs always maintain a high enthusiasm and struggle attitude, take the lead, unite as one, and go all out to protect the customer's needs and services, and contribute their own strength to the normal operation of the company.I like the tenacious immunity and will power of our colleagues who are still struggling in the front line!




 02. D&R Machinery's warm heart epidemic prevention guarantee


Prevention and control can't prevent warmth, and it's hard to care. D&R Machinery always takes the safety and health of employees as the top priority of its current work.For this reason, the company actively takes the following epidemic prevention safeguard measures in view of the current severe epidemic situation:

1At the moment when epidemic prevention materials are in short supply, the company distributes epidemic prevention materials to employees

2Clean and disinfect each area regularly and at a fixed point every day

3Set up a temperature measuring point

4Set up temporary isolation points to deal with emergencies

5Special employees work online to avoid cross infection




 03. Unite and overcome difficulties


The leadership of the company always insists on stressing that every effort should be made to use all resources to put the physical and mental health of employees first, truly do practical things for our employees,and deliver the company's safeguard materials and care to every employee at the first time, so as to prevent the epidemic to the greatest extent, reduce the infection possibility of employees, provide the most effective and warmest "protective barrier" for everyone.and ensure the smooth transition of employees in the latest epidemic prevention and control policy.This epidemic prevention material embodies the concern and concern of the company leadership for employees.and embodies the determination and strength of the company to advance and retreat with all employees during the epidemic,hoping to give every colleague a sense of security and belonging.Company leaders also hope that colleagues will work together to overcome difficulties, and ensure that under the new situation of epidemic prevention and control,all services will be effectively carried out. All services will be customer-centered, with one mind and one effort, so as to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the company. 




04. Be grateful and give, and tomorrow will be better


Enterprises have warmth, employees have strength.At the moment when the epidemic is still not over, D&R Machinery has always insisted on epidemic prevention with its employees to overcome the difficulties and ensure the smooth operation of all the work of D&R Machinery's big family.We always believe that love and hope spread faster than viruses. Winter will eventually melt quietly, and spring thunder will roll in.

It's a 7-day countdown to the end of 2022.Please strengthen self-protection, work and rest, and strive to enter the finals.Colleagues at home should have a good rest and recover as soon as possible.

Once again,I would like to thank every colleague for their persistence and hard work.



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