D&R Machinery Achieves Excellence at "MAKER IN CHINA"

2023-09-08 | News

The 8th "Maker in China" Ningbo SME Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition of the Agricultural Bank of China Cup


The holding of the "Maker in China" competition is to implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to support the growth of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises as important sources of innovation. It is also to further enhance the innovation ability and specialization level and promote high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises. D&R Machinery actively responds to national policies and actively signs up to participate in the 8th "Maker in China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which is in line with the company's development philosophy of continuous innovation and improvement. Through this competition, D&R Machinery hopes to analyze oneself, make up for shortcomings, communicate and learn from each other, make progress together, continuously strengthen team building, and enhance professional literacy.




Since participating in the competition, members of D&R team have been actively preparing for the competition and making full efforts for it. The team members not only held meetings one after another to improve the PPT presentation skill, but also gave simulated speeches multiple times in front of other colleagues and leaders. Everyone brainstormed and worked together to identify problems and improve deficiencies.





The "Maker in China" competition has always been very fierce, and this year's Ningbo SME Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition is even more so. Thousands of enterprises participated in the competition with strong capabilities.


Confidence Roadshow & Wonderful Performance


Faced with such fierce competition, D&R Machinery has demonstrated strong fighting spirit and firm belief. Members are well aware that this is not only a competition, but also an opportunity to perform the company's values and strength. The company firmly believes that as long as we unite, persevere, and actively innovate, we can stand out in this fierce competition.

Before the competition, team members encouraged each other. During the competition, they were confident and generous, performed professionally, and received a lot of praise.



Outstanding & Fruitful


After fierce competition, D&R Machinery won the honor of third place in the enterprise group and successfully advanced to the Ningbo City semi-finals. This achievement is not only the result of the efforts of team members, but also the best embodiment of D&R's values of technological innovation and talent cultivation.

Winning an award is not only an honor, but also a recognition. It proves the successful practices of D&R Machinery in technological innovation and talent cultivation, and also encourages D&R Machinery to continue moving toward this direction.





D&R Machinery has always adhered to the development direction of technological innovation and talent cultivation. It believes that innovation is the key to enterprise development, and talent is the source of innovation. Therefore, the company not only continuously breakthroughs in technology, but also focuses on cultivating the comprehensive qualities of team members, cultivating a high-level and high-quality workforce.



Technological Innovation & Personnel Training


In terms of technological innovation, D&R Machinery has been investing a large amount of resources to strengthen its research and development capabilities and promote continuous product upgrades. The company not only tracks the latest trends in the industry, but also actively conducts independent research and launches a series of innovative products to meet market demand.

In terms of talent cultivation, D&R Machinery implements a combination of internal and external training to provide employees with broad growth opportunities. The company encourages employees to participate in various types of training and learning, continuously improving their professional literacy.

In addition, D&R Machinery also focuses on team building, encouraging employees to share experiences and learn from each other, forming an efficient team.



Altruism & Continuous Improvement


Since its establishment, D&R Machinery has always adhered to the business philosophy of "co creation, sharing, and win-win", and the core values of "self righteousness, self-interest, and continuous improvement", steadily moving forward. This competition has strengthened the company's determination to continue investing a large amount of resources in technological innovation and manpower to provide good customer service.

The Company will focus on "development as the theme and service as the main line", enhance its professional capabilities in the technical and service fields, and empower itself to become a leading brand in global leisure food whole factory solutions.





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Factory: 1-1, Qiantong Xishanli, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province





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