2022-03-29 | News

The 5th cross-strait food fair Food Fair opened in Jinjiang.

This food fair has special exhibition areas such as Taiwan Pavilion, import Pavilion, Jinjiang and Shishi hand ceremony Pavilion, Chaozhou famous and high-quality food pavilion, with an exhibition area of 60000 square meters. The total number of exhibitors exceeded 1000, of which 85% were foreign enterprises, including enterprises from Germany, Britain, Malaysia and other countries and regions. The exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors reached a record high.


This exhibition closely follows the upstream and downstream industrial chain of national leisure food manufacturing, focusing on five fields: finished leisure food products, food processing and packaging machinery, food technology, food raw and auxiliary materials and additives, brand authorization and packaging design, so as to realize "one-stop" procurement of the whole industrial chain. Focus on displaying the new trends, new technologies and new trends of the food industry, and lead and promote the participating food enterprises to connect with international advanced technology, equipment and applicable technologies.


This exhibition adheres to the "double track" exhibition, relying on the B2B supply chain platform to realize online synchronous exhibition. At present, there are more than 1000 enterprises settled on online platforms, with more than 100000 people, and about 3000 online active manufacturers every day.


After seven years of cultivation, the scale of the cross-strait Food Fair has expanded day by day and its influence has increased one by one. It has become one of the largest professional leisure food exhibitions in China.


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