What Is Candy Pulling Hook?

2022-07-12 | Blog

When you want to make traditional, homemade candy, there are several tools that you need. From something as simple as a warm kitchen to plenty of napkins. It can be a messy process but you’ll find the end result so rewarding.

One of the major tools you’ll need is a candy pulling hook, especially if you’re going to make taffy. This is a tool that is mounted directly to your wall for support while you throw your candy over it and pull it. If you want to pull your candy the right way, you definitely need one of these hooks.

Candy pulling hooks have a lot of historical significance. They are made from stainless steel which has a lot of excellent properties that make them perfect for your candy operation. We are going to explore how the hook works and exactly what it is. We’ll also look at its historical significance as well as the best material to make it from.



What Is a Candy Pulling Hook?

A candy pulling hook is essential in the creation of handmade candies. It is an actual hook that is mounted to the wall. Candy is thrown over it repeatedly and pulled, adding air to it. The process adds air, turning the candy white. It’s repeated until you have added enough air and the desired color is achieved.

The hook is typically stainless steel. This will ensure both long life as well as easy cleaning. They have a common hook length of 364 mm, a width of 180 mm, and a diameter of 20 mm. There are options available for detachable hooks for easy cleaning once the candy pulling is complete. 

What Is the Best Material for Making a Candy Pulling Hook?

The best quality material for making a candy pulling hook is 304 Stainless Steel. This material is well-known for its high level of corrosion resistance. A hook made from this material will show great strength at high temperatures as well as extreme toughness at very low temperatures.

Stainless steel reduces the need for high material thickness as well as reduces weight and cost. It is also incredibly easy to keep clean, making it one of the top choices for a kitchen setting. You’ll be able to wash and sanitize it easily, keeping it clean for your next batch of candy.


This material is also relatively low maintenance, durable, and often the cheapest in a lifecycle comparison.



Historical significance

In the 19th century, one of the major types of parties was candy pull or taffy pull parties. Participants would butter their hands before repeatedly pulling on the molasses candy. The parties were commonly held at churches and colleges. The candy was made from either molasses or boiled sugar. 

A good candy pull required several things, including copper pots, a warm kitchen, and a large supply of napkins and aprons. Additionally, each participant’s hands had to be covered in butter to avoid having the candy stick to them. 

Candy pulls were considered a great source of impromptu parties that could be enjoyed by participants of all ages. They were often used to celebrate special occasions and gatherings of local groups, like church groups. These were considered fun social events where everyone had an amazing time.

How It Works

To pull the candy, you’ll first need to place the batch of candy over the hook. Then you’ll gather up the two ends that are hanging loosely, throwing them over the hook. You’ll repeat this step over and over again. 

You’ll complete this process until the batch of candy has had enough air added to it. Additionally, it’s important to note that the process will turn the candy white. This can be beneficial as you will be able to add any desired colors to the candy.

It’s a rigorous exercise for those who want to participate. You’ll be sure to get your workout for the day as you will need to pull for at least 30 to 60 minutes continuously. 

Final Thoughts

Candy pulling hooks can really increase what you can do with your candy operation. They are durable, wall-mounted devices that allow for extended pulling of molasses-based candy. Often made from stainless steel, they are kitchen-grade safe and easy to maintain. 

Old-school taffy-pulling parties used to be the scene for this craft. With people young and old joining together to take turns with their buttered hands to pull the candy for long periods. 


While it’s very easy to use, a candy pulling hook can be a source of vigorous exercise. You will need to continuously work your candy for 30 to 60 minutes to reach the desired level of air as well as the required coloring of the candy.

This tool is essential for any handmade candy shop. You cannot pull your own candy without it.


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