Small Scale Chocolate Enrober: Best Buying Guide

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Small Scale Chocolate Enrober: Best Buying Guide  

Before you buy a small scale chocolate enrober, there are various things you should do to ensure you are getting one of the best ones on the market. Of course, every merchant that sells these products will claim that they have the best in the market. And in many cases, these claims may not be true. So, it's imperative to ensure you are making a great investment, and this article will guide you on what to look for and do when it comes to high-quality chocolate enrobers.


Features of High-Quality Chocolate Enrobers

Whether these products are small or large, these high-quality chocolate enrobers can coat mostly anything in a uniform and solid chocolate layer. These devices should also save a lot of manual labor that will turn ordinary snacks into chocolate-covered confections. Thus said, the following includes great features that top-quality chocolate enrobers have:

  • Dimension

These machines come in different sizes. So, even when it comes to a small scale chocolate enrober, you still need to ensure it's one that will fit your available space and coating demands.

  • Power Rating

Different chocolate enrobing machines feature various levels of power consumption that depend on the production capability and size. In general, it is necessary to choose one that has an energy consumption that is proportional to the production capacity. Doing this will help preserve energy, and thus will prevent elevated production costs.

  • Safety Features

Always pick a chocolate enrober that is reliably safe. It should always safeguard the surrounding area, operators, and the machine. For example, the ideal device should have a user-friendly control knob area for operators.

  • Enrobing Speed

When purchasing a high-quality chocolate enrobing machine, the speed is a primary aspect to consider. In general, the enrobing speed the precise operational rate directly affect the production capacity. So, it's imperative to ensure you choose the particular machine type that matches your desired output.

  • Type of Chocolate Enrober

There are several types of chocolate enrobers, even small ones. So, take into consideration your demands and make sure you choose the correct machine. Each kind has its own uniqueness in operational characteristics.

  • Quality Concerns

Many agencies are available at the national, international, and regional levels. These agencies are there to ensure these machines meet the required quality standards. These standards ensure that large and small-scale machines are in compliance with the mandated manufacturing processes.

Having said this, many may wonder whether the chocolate enrobers are made according to the standards of the current GMP. So, if you are thinking about getting a small scale chocolate enrober that is produced for foreign markets, buying a cGMP- compliant enrober is key. Most governments accept these machines to be used in their countries and to be imported.

And with a current GMP, the manufacturer can detect any defect in the machine and solve it before the user gets it. A cGMP-compliant machine very rarely produces health hazards products. So, you can rest assured that chocolates and other food materials are prepared for direct consumption by humans. And thus, these machines must be designed according to the current manufacturing practices.

  • Chocolate Enrober Pricing

Chocolate enrobers are usually made exactly to the liking of buyers. The reason for this is due to the ability to customize in the adding or removing of certain components and belts. And in most situations, purchasing an all-in-one enrobing brand will save the buyer a lot of money and time.

The all-in-one, entry level system generally costs about $15,000. Such enrobing machines typically won't have the fancier features, such as blowers, vibrating tables, and product toppers. Whereas, a huge, industrial-sized enrobing brand may cost more than $100,000.

However, some people only need certain parts of the enrobing process. So, when purchasing single parts of an enrobing brand, the buyer must ensure the new parts are compatible with the current system.



Knowing How to Control the Quantity of Chocolate and the Conveyor Speed

Regardless of the small scale chocolate enrober you choose, you still must know how to operate it. It won't be worth anything if you and the operators don't know how to operate efficiently.

Thus said, you must know how to control the quantity of chocolate and the conveyor speed. Even knowing how to do this will help you choose the right enrober.

Most enrobing brands have one control panel. The control allows the user to precisely monitor the following tasks:

  • The chocolate quantity to pump through the coating pumps
  • Determining the exact conveyor speed
  • Monitoring the chocolate temperature in the temperer.



When it comes to buying the right small scale chocolate enrober, it is critical to think about your needs. And from there, you can make the right decision as you research all the features mentioned above as compared to the enrober brands.

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