How to Clean a Cotton Candy Machine

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Cotton candy is a treat that has been enjoyed for decades. However, are you wondering how to clean a cotton candy machine? Cleaning a cotton candy machine is important not only to preserve the quality of the candy product but to prevent spinning cotton candy in an unhealthy, unclean machine. Here are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your cotton candy machine is clean after every use. Also, there are tips for deep cleaning your cotton candy machine presented as well.


Cleaning Your Cotton Candy Machine

It is possible to remove the brown or black residue from your cotton candy machine. These instructions are for commercial cotton candy machines, and it's based on the Robojet Floss cotton candy machine. The Robojet Floss is one of the best cotton candy machines on the market today and will provide a brilliant example of how to clean almost any cotton candy machine that you can think of, which is a commercial model. Here are the steps that you should take to clean your commercial cotton candy machine to keep it running at its best.



Cleaning A Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Cleaning your cotton candy machine will help extend the life of your entire unit, and it will help you to fulfill different safety requirements for operation.

It is important to schedule cleaning your cotton candy machine accordingly and this includes a deep clean, clean heater, and maintenance of the brush unit.

Basic Cleaning

Basic cleaning for your entire cotton candy machine includes the pants surfaces and removing any cotton candy or sugar that is on the machine for every use. This means you have to clean your cotton candy machine at least once a day or after every time you use it for basic cleaning.

Cleaning Spinning a Head

Cleaning your cotton candy machine includes the spinning head of the entire unit.

  1. The first thing that you should do is disassemble the entire spinning head. The spinning head typically consists of seven parts to remove.
  2. During the second step, remove all the sugar from the spinning head by turning it upside down if needed.
  3. Next, you want to take apart or detach the cover of the floss head. This can be accomplished by removing three to four Phillips or Flathead screws.
  4. If your faucet cover has been glued to its sidewall, you can remove it by gently tapping it with the screwdriver handle to loosen the parts. However, it's important to note that the floss head cover is made from aluminum. If you over-tighten the screws you can damage the entire part of this unit. Also, it’s important to note not to tap the sidewall too heavily, or it could cause permanent damage.
  5. During the fifth step, you should remove the wing nut or the central wing nut, the steer washer, and the plastic holding washer. This can be done by using a (7 mm nut driver). Also, you can use a compatible wrench to remove these parts if necessary. Remove the wing nuts that are securing the ends of the wires to the terminal post. After this has been accomplished, you should remove the nuts, lock washers, and the terminal ends, and then you can lift off the sidewalls that have the heating element as one complete unit.
  6. During the 6th step, it is important to completely clean the side walls and heating element with very hot water. The hot water will help to melt any floss sugar that is found on this part of the unit. After the fallen sugar has been cleaned completely, it is important to separate the heater coils from the sidewall. This is done so you can clean those areas where they are in contact with each other on the unit.
  7. It is important to know that the heating element and the side walls must be completely dry before you decide to reinstall all the components.
  8. You can reassemble the spinning head in the reverse order when it was taken apart. After these steps have been completed, it is important to turn on the motor and the power to the heating coil. This should be done to spin any remaining moisture off for about 30 to 45 seconds.

This is how you clean a commercial cotton candy machine after every use. It’s important to do this to have a high-quality product and protect the health of everyone that will eat the cotton candy. It’s important to clean the heater and the sidewall at least twice a month. Also, it is imperative to do brush unit and maintenance twice a year or every 6 months for optimal performance.

If your cotton candy machine does not turn on after the power switch has been activated after cleaning, the possible cause of this may be that there is no power at the wall socket. It’s important to use a tester to check the voltage at all phases. Also, another reason why your machine may not turn on after the power switch has been activated is the power cord the supply has been damaged. If you believe this is the case use a tester so you can check the cord for breakage. If the cord is defective or damaged, it is important to replace it immediately.

In addition to this, you may find that the motor is spinning but the machine doesn’t produce cotton candy after cleaning your machine. If this is the case, one possible cause is that the power regulators are out of order, and may need to be replaced. Another reason that this can happen is that the heating element may be out of order and a replacement should be made immediately. Lastly, if your motor is spinning and the machine does not produce cotton candy after cleaning, the brush unit could be damaged. It’s important to check if the brush unit is fitting closely to the slip rings and if it’s not sparking. Make sure parts are in working order on a regular basis for the ultimate cotton candy experience.


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