Chocolate Melting Machine: Best Buying Guide

2022-06-30 | Blog

Have you considered purchasing a chocolate melting machine lately? A chocolate melting machine requires a hot water bath with a large pan in the unit. Did you know that it’s also called a chocolate warmer machine, and it is often confused with a chocolate tempering machine? A chocolate melting machine is used for several different reasons including being a primary step adjacent to a chocolate tempering machine. Likewise, a chocolate melting machine can be used to melt solid chocolate before it is tempered. Also, a chocolate melting machine is used to keep products warm by maintaining a specific temperature at all times. Let’s understand more about the chocolate melting machine and this buying guide so you can make the correct purchase.



Chocolate Melting Machine: How to Choose the right one

Did you know that chocolate and melting machines can help speed up the production when used with other machines like a temporary machine? A chocolate melting machine can be used to temper chocolate manually by using a chocolate seeding method.

The Chocolate City method when using a chocolate melting machine is extremely straightforward. Involves tempering the chocolate by putting through a different cycle of temperatures. The different cycles of temperatures include heating, cool, and rest temperature states. This allows you to align the cocoa butter crystals that are in the chocolate. Seating also involves adding smaller pieces of chocolate that have not been melted into the melted chocolate. These steps are very important when using a chocolate melting machine because it can quicken the speed of production overall.

Machine Features

There are several features that you should look for when considering purchasing a chocolate melting machine. Some of the pictures you should look for include a strong lid made of polymers. This is because the lid helps to protect the chocolate from being influenced from the surrounding environment and protects the chocolate from anything getting into it accidentally.

Also look for a unit that is energy efficient. Energy efficient units will melt the machine and then an economical way that can save you lots of funds in the long run.

Your chocolate melting machine should be made of food grade material such as food grade stainless steel construction that is high quality. A great addition is transparent so you can check to see if the chocolate is ready for use.

Did you know there are a lot of chocolate melting machines that are not very heavy at all? There are several chocolate melting machines that are very lightweight and can be small. This means that it is more portable due to the size and overall weight.

Also, it’s imperative to look for the appropriate size needed in a chocolate melting machine, because there are a variety of sizes available for domestic and large-scale use in commercial settings.

Commercial Usage

Did you know that commercial chocolate melting machines have a larger capacity for long-term use and can be sturdier than residential use machines?

Is it possible to use a smaller chocolate melting machine for startup businesses? Yet eventually when it’s a business, it would cause more established a larger machine often called a commercial unit will be needed. These systems are usually called a CIP chocolate melting machine.

CIP Chocolate Melting Machine

CIP (cleaning in place system) chocolate melting machines are used to clean the unit efficiently. It's important that the CPI unit removes any contaminants during the process of melting chocolate. This system is designed to control perimeters for cleaning the chocolate melting machine with a high degree of precise accuracy. A CIP system can aid in monitoring, controlling, and documentation of the methods used to clean the entire unit. This is an essential step during the chocolate melting process, and is a faster way to clean a unit.




Chocolate Melting Machine FAQs

Is a chocolate melting machine the same as a chocolate warmer?

Although both units can keep chocolate as a precise temperature, a chocolate melting machine works at higher temperatures. Whereas, a chocolate warmer operates at lower control temperatures and just keeps the chocolate warm rather than melting it from a solid state.

Can a chocolate melting machine be integrated with other related machinery?

It is possible that a chocolate melting machine can be rated with other related machinery and it can include a chocolate tempering machine as aforementioned. Other machines that can be integrated or used with a chocolate melting machine include a enrolling machine for chocolate, a packing machine, wrapping machines and dipping machine for chocolate.

At what temperatures do chocolate melting machines operate?

Chocolate does not have specific temperatures for melting all types of chocolate. However, there are different operation variables that each machine has. For example, most chocolate milk machines have a temperature range between 50° Fahrenheit and 185° Fahrenheit. It's important to know that chocolate can melt it around 86° f to 90° f.


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