Chocolate Coating Machine: An Ultimate Buying Guide

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Chocolate coating machines are an extremely valuable asset for quicker product production, general industrial safety, and increased hygienic work condition levels. With this in mind, a chocolate coating machine is used to coat different food products and candies. This is a unique machine because it can be integrated with other types of equipment. The combination of a chocolate coating machine and auxiliary equipment can enhance production-line efficiency.


Purchasing a Chocolate Coating Machine

When purchasing a chocolate coating machine, you should be aware of the models that are available. For example, you may encounter an option to purchase an enrobing machine. An enrobing machine and a chocolate coating machine can handle functions.

However, the settings of the machine and how the machine is set up for production will be different. The terms chocolate coating and enrobing are used interchangeably. Yet, another difference is the sizes between the machines and the number of confectioneries they can handle per hour.


Chocolate Coating Methods

Methods that are used for the chocolate covering machine and enrober are identical. This means that each stage of the process is imperative to a higher quality product. Larger production lines may handle every process from the initial stage to the finished product.

It really depends on the unique set of machines that are working together for coating chocolate and make the end product meet quality specifications. These are the phases involved for both coating machines from start to finish:

General Machine Coating Method

  • 1st Phase – Machine chocolate coatings involve a tempering system that melts the chocolate into a smooth liquid. Some tempering machine models can be connected directly to the enrobing or chocolate coating machine.
  • 2nd Phase – This phase usually requires a pre-bottomer machine that is used to coat the bottom of the chocolate candies. A wire rack carries all the confectioneries through the pre-bottomer machine. A pre-bottomer can be attached to the enrober to help coat the candy with chocolate.
  • 3rd Phase – A wire rack carries the confectionaries to the chocolate enrober or chocolate coater. The chocolate coating makes the candy and confectionery have an enhanced taste. Also, coating the candy with chocolate helps increase the shelf life of the product. The coated candy is sent through a pre-cooling conveyor system to aid in hardening the chocolate previously applied.
  • 4th Phase – During this phase, the candy makes its way through a waterfall-like coating process to be covered in chocolate. All of the chocolate that does not coat the confectionaries or candy drops onto a wire rack. Also, depending on the model that is being used the excess chocolate returns to the tempering unit.
  • 5th Phase – After the product has been coated in chocolate, it leaves toward the vibrating table. Also, depending on the model used, the wire racks ensure all the product is coated evenly in chocolate during this phase.
  • 6th Phase – The excess chocolate is cut away or removed from the confectionaries or candy through the detailing rod.
  • 7th Phase – All of the chocolate-coated confectionaries or candies are transferred to wax paper or a similar medium immediately so they can cool down.
  • 8th Phase – The product gets carried to a cooling tunnel. During this phase, the product is solidified and ready for packing. The coolant tunnel is long and insulated. Also, it is kept at a steady low point temperature.


Chocolate Coating Machine FAQs

The structure and aesthetics of a chocolate coating machine or a rubber or similar. Yet, how the unit functions depends on the entire setup and what machines are used. Here are some questions about chocolate coating machines and enrobers:


What Are The Central Features of Chocolate Coating Machines?

Newer chocolate coding machines have similar features. Each feature exists on the machine depending on the model. Here are some of the features that you may look forward to having on your machine.


Chocolate Coating Machine Features

  • Temperature controls – This is a much-needed feature that helps to regulate all the temperatures needed for cooling or heating ingredients such as chocolate to me quality control levels.
  • High-quality Construction - Generally, the construction of the entire frame should be stainless steel. This increases the reliability and performance of the unit. Also, it helps to protect it against different environmental or weather conditions.
  • Digital display controls - A digital display unit with an LCD touch screen should be integrated. This is central for monitoring or controlling the different machine parameters.
  • Compatibility – a newer unit should be compatible with existing equipment or newer equipment. Also, compatibility enhances convenience and efficiency.


What kind of chocolate coating machines are available to purchase?

There are several types of chocolate coating machines available to purchase. Depending on the type of ingredients you are coating with chocolate will affect the type of purchase that will be made. Here are a few chocolate coating machines to consider:

  • Chocolate Coating Machines for Peanuts - This type of chocolate cutting machine is made for ingredients such as macadamias, cashews, possessions, walnuts, and peanuts. This is a unique machine that specifically causes these types of ingredients effectively. Additionally, it has the same principle as a standard coating machine for chocolate.
  • Pan Machine for Chocolate Coating - The pan machine for coating chocolate is a variation of the traditional coating machine. It can have air controls, including temperature controls.
  • Mini Coater - The mini coater for chocolate is a smaller machine used for the production of confectionery products in smaller batches. It is suitable for the production of chocolate-covered candies in smaller spaces.
  • Semi-automatic - A semi-automatic machine is used similarly to the traditional coating equipment. However, a semi-automatic chocolate coater has manual controls that can be used adjacent to automatic controls.


Can you utilize chocolate coating machines for a variety of confectionery products?

It is possible to use a traditional chocolate coating machine for a variety of confectionery products. Some of the ingredients that may be used include cookies, bar-shaped candy, toffees, and more. The ingredients used may dictate the type of chocolate coating machine used to achieve the best results.

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