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How to catch up with the trend of health?-the rise of supplemental functional gummies

TIME: April. 2021 | D&R machinery

Functional snack food is a brand new track field in China. The penetration rate of functional snack food in the United States can reach 73%, while that in China is only 11%.With the growing demand for healthy diet among young people, "functionalization of snack foods and leisureization of health foods" has become a trend. Functional gummies have the characteristics of healthy, fun, attractive, and convenient. They have become a breakthrough point in opening up the young market.

According to NBJ data, it took only 4 years for the global sales of functional gummies to double (2014-2018). In fact, it should be earlier that gummy OEMs surpassed chewable tablets to become the world's third largest non-pharmaceutical dietary supplement dosage form. According to other data, global sales of functional gummies will exceed 8.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. The functional gummy market demand in China is increasing rapidly. For example, BUFX has been favored by capital repeatedly, and leading companies such as Amway, By-Health, SIRIO, Aland, and Kannuo have also deployed in this field.

At present, there are vitamins and mineral supplements gums, DHA gums, yeast zinc gums, probiotic gums, collagen gums, and Gaba aminobutyric acid gums with clear functional requirements for sleep aid, relieve vision Fatigued blueberry lutein gummy, oral beauty sodium hyaluronate gummy, etc. are the darlings of the market. The emergence of these functional gummy can point out the direction for the future development of the industry. From the national policy level, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued an announcement on the "Formulation and Technical Requirements of Health Food Recorded Products (2021 Edition)" on February 20, this year. For the first time, gel candy in the form of food was included in the record dosage form of health food. The filing will be officially launched in June this year. This has brought a stronger booster to the fast-developing functional gummy market and provided a historic development opportunity for this industry.

A few days ago, the reporter visited the gummy production workshop of kannuo Biological Fuyang production base in Yingdong Economic Development Zone, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, refreshing the reporter's understanding of the workshop environment of traditional starch mold soft candy production enterprises. The starch mogul system manufactured by D&R mechinery in the workshop is neat and bright, and the production workers operate in a standardized manner, which is more like a strictly controlled pharmaceutical production factory.

Fan Wengang, general manager of Kannuo Bio, introduced: "This is a gummy production workshop that meets the health food GMP standard. From cooking to CFA, depositing, inner packaging and starch processing space are all 100,000-grade purificated. The equipment adopts international advanced D&R starch mogul line. The gummy depositing line is made of food-grade stainless steel, which meets the standards of health food production equipment, and realizes the functions of automatic ingredients and automatic addition of CFA dosing. The drying room with dual control of cold and heat and constant temperature and humidity is efficient and fast, and adopts imported professional mold starch to achieve rapid drying , De-powdering clean, can not only ensure the high transparency of the gummies, but also ensure a good taste. We benchmark the quality of the products of Japanese and Korean first-line enterprises. Of course, we must not be vague about the basic investment. Technically, the famous German gummy engineer Mr. Titus Lokananta and industry experts provided solutions, sleep aid Gaba Gummy, we solved the influence of GABA on colloidal gel, each gummy can be added to the highest value of 500 mg of the Ministry of Health's limited dosage. We have more than ten years of experience in the production and management of health food, and we are very confident in management. At present, the company is preparing for the upcoming June registration and production license access period for gummy health food, and strive to obtain the production license for gummy health food as soon as possible , Seize the historical opportunity and develop rapidly."

It is reported that in 2021, kannuo will implement a dual-drive strategy, including OEM, ODM, and its own brands to jointly exert efforts to release its strong production capacity advantages and excellent corporate management capabilities. At present, it is cooperating with leading companies in the industry 

For the fast-developing functional food market in China, gummies are undoubtedly the favorite product formulations of the new generation of consumers. Enterprises should pay more attention to and speed up product upgrades and innovation development, and provide consumers with more functional gummy products with taste, appearance and health.



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