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TIME: April 20, 2020 | D & R Machinery

R&D Capabilities:

D&R is always up to research and development. D&R machinery is a company which regards the research and development capabilities as the core competence. we do have a professional but also experienced engineer team. The team's four former engineers designed the first Mogul line, the first hard candy deposit line, and the first wafer biscuit production line in China. Other young engineers of the team are Chinese-English bilingual and have years of experience in machine assembly and testing. The machinery that D&R provides is a kind of investment for its customers.we do built a lab to help its customers to test our products, by this the customers can shorten the return on investment. Our lab also helps them to improve and develop its machinery design, and develop products meeting the market.

Quality Control:

We have a full quality control system. In the machinery industry quality is important for having a trust relationship with the clients. Every hardware part must be checked by the quality inspector before the products enter to the warehouse. If the part meet with the D&R standards, the second step is to have item numbers as our identifications. This number is to help then to distinguish parts and also helps to find out excellent suppliers. Our electric elements are all famous brands, most of them are imported. When each machine is finished, we will invite customers to test and run the machine in our factory to ensure the high quality of our machines.

Company Certifications:


Team Introductions:

D&R team creates value for it’s customers’ , much higher value than what the customers are paid for. D&R MACHINERY is committed to becoming an excellent solution provider for global confectionery and manufacturers. D&R MACHINERY was established in 2002, we mainly aim at supplying confectionery and leisure food equipment in overseas markets. We want to provide better and faster service for customers in middle east and we also built another factory in Turkey to provide better service to its customers.Our great team of service technicians, travels around the world and direct to the factory to perform installation, extensive training, and after-sales service(as needed).



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